I'm the President of My Newly Created Country.

I'm the President of My Newly Created Country.


Espector Science Fiction

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The Secretary of Health and Human Services died in an accident. As an avid scientist and professor, he thought that he would either go to Heaven or Hell. However, it was not as he expected. He met a self-proclaimed God in the afterlife and gave him a system. The God only told him one thing:

"Here's the money, now go run your new country!"

"What? I'm a president now?"


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationbxggeniusmedievalanother worldspecial abilityprofessorpassionate
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Month 1, Day 3, 1565, 1:53 P.M, Sovereignty Continent.

The capital city of the Sovereignty, Nebulae, in the meeting room in Royal Palace, in the residing castle of the royal family, Nebulae, right now. High-ranking officials who influence the country had gathered.

First, at the head of the table was the Queen of So……