The Time That I Got Revive In Another World With Magic

The Time That I Got Revive In Another World With Magic


Zandro Subaru Fantasy

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Seventeen-year-old Zandro Subaru was Luckily pick by God to be Revive with a three request.

But he can't be revive to his world again.

Zandro uses his Request to get a Lightning magic and be Revive in a Fantasy World.

God add Zandro's a High Physical, High Magical and a Power to Sense a Ki and a Mana to Avoid Zandro to Easily get Killed.

Zandro befriend a Many Different People, Mainly Girls and High-ranking People In Another World.

He Begin to Travel Country to Country, Solving Quest, political disputes and join the justice Force Enjoying His Self with Newfound Allies.


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???: Damn you!

One of the men punch Zandro in the chest that he blew away. 


???: *Gasp* 

Zandro: So really wanna fight huh.

???: Don't! You can't win for them. 

After that Zandro Stand up, and he did some stretching.