The Sorcerer's Game

The Sorcerer's Game


Adarp Fantasy

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A quest gone wrong.
A world unknown and strange.
A land where magic prevails.
A powerful enemy at large.
And, skills to defeat the unidentified enemy: None.

An unwanted expedition leads Azriel to open a portal to another world, a world filled with people with supernatural abilities. He finds himself in a land dominated by sorcery and people who call themselves sorcerers. A battle between the sorcerers and an unknown enemy has just broken out, and Azriel now has to save himself before the enemy gets to him.

Why is it the moment he lands, he is faced with danger? Who is the enemy trying to kill him, and what game are the sorcerers playing with him? Why is he even in this bizarre world in the first place? And above all, what is the secret that might change his life for good, or worse even?

A battle of life and death.
A forbidden truth.
An unbelievable fate.
Only one option to choose from: Fight or Die.

Join Azriel in this game of sorcerers to find out more


Tags: adventuredarkwitch/wizardmysterygeniusambitiousmagemagical worldsupernaturalspecial abilityStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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15. Divisions

Micheal returned with a tray of food and he smiled on seeing Azriel surrounded by people. It was good to mingle with people and seeing him conversing with the other Tethorians, Micheal sighed in relief. He was worried that the young man would find it difficult to adjust to the place, given how he had been forced into the predicament he was in.


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