Grimace Man: Welcome to My Terror Livestream

Grimace Man: Welcome to My Terror Livestream


Bison Entertainment Suspense/Thriller

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[Fuck! Someone is on the second floor! Looks like a she! She must be extra paid by Grimace. ]
[Bullshit. You can see that's a woman through this shitty pixel? ]
[I bet you, it's definitely a woman! Didn't you see it? ]
[Wow! This extra is so dedicated. She got such big boobs... the money is not wasted.]
I was so frightened that I lowered my phone slightly and looked towards the building in front. There were three floors in total. Except for the second floor, The rest of the place was also empty. So, where was the naked woman they were talking about?
But when I came to the entrance of the hall downstairs, I clearly smelled a unique and bloody smell...


Tags: adventurecursetwistedmysteryscarycitysupernaturalspecial abilityspiritual
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Chapter 31 Hell on Apollo Street

The next day, Eugenia came over early in the morning. It seemed that she hadn't rested all night. She yawned on my crumbling table and said, "Just move to my house today. Anyway, you are a streamer with thousands of fans. It's strange to live in this kind of place."

"You are welcome... I can pay yo……


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