Demon's Evolution

Demon's Evolution


Horny_feet Fantasy

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A new world with nearly unlimited possibilities. A system, classes, magic, skills and monsters. Sounds exciting? But for Jin it didn't go quite as he expected nor was there a princess or a Goddess to welcome him to this new world, his only hope was the system he received.
Left alone in the darkness of the Great Dungeon will Jin survive or perish?
The main character of the novel. Former student and gaming addict, he dies and is reincarnated into a mysterious magical world. His real name remains a mystery to Jin, but he mysteriously remembers a lot about his former life other than how he died. In a world that's much more dangerous and lethal than his previous one, he uses his gaming knowledge to stay alive.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationindependentlighthearteddaemonmagical worldsuperpowerkingdom buildingLitRPGmxmpolygamy
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