Dragon's Heir

Dragon's Heir

Gena Callahan Paranormal Urban

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Getting pregnant was something Tamara didn’t ever really expect. But when she agrees to be the surrogate mother of a wealthy client, and for a hefty sum, she decides to accept.

But what she doesn’t realize is that the client is a billionaire dragon shifter, a man reclusive and enigmatic, but gorgeous as sin, with eyes that seem to pierce her very soul.

This dragon shifter is determined to have an heir to his empire, and for that task he has chosen Tamara to bear his child.

She’s more than just a suitable candidate.

She’s the woman he’s fallen in love with, one who doesn’t even know it.

And he’s going to claim her as his own mate.

She won’t just be the mother of his child…

He’ll make her his loving, dragon’s mate… forever.

Dragon’s Heir is a sexy, steamy, full-length paranormal dragon shifter romance from Gena Callahan, that features an alpha dragon shifter determined to do whatever it takes to get the woman he loves, a happily ever after, and a little dragon shifter heir.


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