Curse of the Hidden Place

Curse of the Hidden Place


ChubbyChickk Science Fiction

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History repeats itself.

It all started when a group of people accidentally found a place that they didn't expect to change their lives and the world.

Do you believe in curse?. If it's possible, how will you fight against it?. What would you do to stop it?. What do you prefer?. You will end the curse, or the curse will end you?.

There's no place to go, no place to hide. All could be possibly infected. There is no safer place. Would you still survive this?.

Will Collin and Mattheo, a college student will save their friends and the world or will they survive the curse spreading?.

Will they able to keep themselves alive?.

Date started: April 27, 2021.
Date ended: July 17, 2021.


Tags: familyzombiecursebravemysteryscarysmall townapocalypsefriendshipspiritualStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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After a couple of months of dating with Mattheo, we are finally an official couple. We used to go on a date every weekend. Despite our differences in our chosen career, this won't affect our love for each other. She became a team captain in basketball while me, I'm still the president of the student's co……