Level 25

Level 25


Ace Shikto Science Fiction

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What would you do first if you get a chance to get back in time? Change past mistakes, earn money or start playing your favourite game disregarding all the above?

Otto Rey does just that. If it's the world of Imaginary Characters Battle Adventure(ICBA) you might choose the same. Strap alongside Otto to know more about his battle adventures to beat the AI that created the game.


Tags: time-travelbxgambitiousnerdhigh-tech worldfriendshipsuperpowerMMORPGshy
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Level 17: Failures

Alisha’s KillBill stands proud on top of an open container with her broadsword mounted behind strapped against her shoulders. “How could you all be dead? Fine I will win this myself” Alisha speaks to her fallen comrades. She looks daunting with her confident smile as she stands tall in her black spandex with small white floral patterns that keep……