Cyra Must Become a Villain

Cyra Must Become a Villain


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Cyra spent most of her life trapped in a dark storage room. She was hidden by her Tita Rosanna from the outside world, starved, and abused. All because she was born with ice powers.

Wala siyang ibang hinangad kundi ang makalaya sa mala-seldang mundo niya. Ngunit sa tuwing tatangkain niyang tumakas, lalo lang isinasampal sa mukha niya ang katotohanang nakakadena na siya rito. Her Papa Isidro, who was abroad, had no idea about her sufferings. Jaycee, her caretaker, cannot help her escape, for his secrets were holding him by the throat.

But as she was about to accept her defeat, a cryptic message got to her, telling her the truth about her current situation.

And she realized, she might actually be hiding from the real threat of all. The outside world.


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Cyra’s stepping out of her cell and her successful killing of Isidro marked the start of the superhuman’s liberty. Lots of teenagers her age, with the same situation as her—trapped, abused, tortured—were freed by Jaycee’s army of rebels.

It wasn’t an easy battle. Marami rin ang mga nasawi mula sa grupo ng mga rebeldeng scientist, army, at ……