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Sixteen-year-old Charlie West has nowhere left to turn. A cyberstalker named Conscience has made her life a nightmare, bullying her by remote control. But in Charlie’s darkest hour, she discovers Nil, a radical underground movement using guerilla tactics to crush the worst bullies around. Charlie jo Nil and works high-risk missions, taking down bullies while playing a deadly cat-and-mouse game with her stalker. But when a trusted ally betrays Nil from within, Charlie must stand alone agat Conscience...and her high-stakes war agat the ultimate bully might just force her to make the ultimate sacrifice. Don't miss this story by award-winning young adult writer Robert Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected books that really pack a punch.


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Chapter 58
Chapter 58

"You can take it off now," said Shylock. "Go on."

He and Falstaff had driven Charlie and Nolan some distance in the van, then walked them down a long hallway. An elevator had taken them further, descending at a high rate of speed, then stopping suddenly. Now, apparently, they were where they needed to be...and about to find ou……