Ice & Cream

Ice & Cream


Jamie Whesker Fantasy

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In a world where sweets grow like food, and all wizards are cooks, a war has broken out! Cookie City leads an axis of greed to capture other cities' magic and steal all of their sweets.

Our protagonist comes from the smallest, most faraway city of Ice Creams. Living outside of the war, love is blooming in his life. But suddenly, his would-be girlfriend needs to leave to help her family!

“There are rumors of a cure.” She paused, her small hands slightly trembling agat her ice cream. “As there are that it has all been hoarded by… one man.”
“Father and myself will be traveling to Cookie City within the week,” she let him know.

Jack makes a promise! “Before you go, I will make you the best ice cream you have ever had! Will you eat it?”
Slightly blushing, she turned her gaze away from his, embarrassed.
“Of course I will.”

Follow to see Jack adventuring across the war-torn continent! While everyone else fights to survive and to kill, our protagonist seeks to deliver his ice-cream to his dearest friend.


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Anti-climatically, they never even came close to finding them. The beasts that had attacked them had come from different directions, and then there were the tracks caused by the animals Jack had scared out of the bush. Johnny and his fellows weren’t sure how to proceed.

Jack heard them yelling at each other, not knowing which track to pick……