Ice & Cream

Ice & Cream

Jamie Whesker Fantasy

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This is a magical world at war. The cities have all been built to thrive on the power of their respective food magic, but now, they decide to -- or are forced to -- put their marvelous gifts and abilities to the production of weaponry and violence.
There has never been a more dangerous time for a person to adventure across the continent. Yet. When Jack of Ice Cream City finds out that his best friend Jane has left for Cookie City, the very architect of the war, he will decide to go the distance.
From the top of the mounta to the far edges of the coast, Jack will endeavor to fulfill his promise to Jane.
To give her the Ice Cream that Jack made with all his heart.


Tags: adventuresensitivedramasweetno-coupleanother worldfriendshipwarpassionateshy
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