Emma Louise Suspense/Thriller

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Autumn is an ordinary 15 year old girl with a dark secret to hide. She plans on having no friends when she beg lakeside high so she doesn’t have to share her past with anyone else. But then she meets Connor Harborne the school’s bad boy who turants his classes . He introduces his friends to her. But there is one friend missing Daniel Harrison though in the same year he is a year older than all of them due to family issues. Once he sees Autumn there beg a love triangle for all three of them. But unknown to her her school psychiatrist has intentions towards her than Jsut to help her through her darkness, will she find out the truth About Connor, Daniel and Mathew Harding before it is too late?


Tags: darksexmanipulativebadboysensitivetwistedfirst lovefriendshipsecretsmultiple personality
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