The Final Hour

The Final Hour


McClain Fantasy

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Inigo Clement is reincarnated into the days of old before the dreaded era of The Cleansing, and is forced to live a new life as Chuck Hutchinson - bringing with him the memories of the apocalypse and what was to happen. Will he be able to protect the people he'd soon grow to love?


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationbraveno-couplemale leadmercenaryapocalypsesupernature earthrebirth/reborn
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Chapter II: Chuck

    I woke again.

    But I wasn't where I left off. There was no Master Revenant clutching against my torso. There was no sight of the run-down supermarket. Instead, I was sitting up comfy on a soft master bed; I was in a quaint room. The sunlight rays pierced through the window, and for the first time in years, I hear……