The Ascension of the Celestial Priest

The Ascension of the Celestial Priest

TheGoldenMonarch Fantasy

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Death by a freak accident, Lukas is torn from his old world and thrust into a new one where he discovers something he never thought possible. The Existence of Magic.
Homesick and yet thrusting for the new knowledge Lukas strives for more power and might as Priest of Light, aiming to protect himself and his new family long enough to find the answers he desperately needs.
On why was he brought to the New World.
And what he should do from there,
and if he will ever find his way back home

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Basically it’s an LGBT story that meshes fantasy with Cultivation elements altogether to form its own unique. I hope you guys enjoy. and please vote if you happen to like it and comment on the chapters below on how I can improve my storytelling. Namaste and have fun :D.


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