If I can start over: A new world

If I can start over: A new world


Dawn Blue Fantasy

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Since I was little I have had nightmares that kept me awake and nervous for hours, spinning and shivering frantically between the sheets. They were not nightmares about monsters or translucent ghosts, they were stories that showed me death and pain, prophecies that were fulfilled after a while. I recently traveled to a place very far from my home, and a secret hidden between centuries and centuries of culture and religions was revealed to me. What you are about to read will tell you about every feat I had to accomplish to write my story, our story. This is the truth. A new world awaits you.


Tags: powerfulwarriorhumorousmysterybrilliantmythologymagical worldmultiverseanother worldspiritualStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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XV. Hawk Eye. Part 1

February twelfth. Three in the morning. Room 5313, building five.

Junior, Álvaro, and Holger rested on their respective beds. The corridors of the building were silent. The uneven hum of the air conditioning was off and the streets; drenched by the loneliness that dawn brings with it.

"And to think that this day started it all," I co……