The God of Gravity part 1: Demigod District

The God of Gravity part 1: Demigod District


J. D. Ligna Action

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The Olympians changed the world when they sacrificed immortality and chose to reincarnate into new lives of themselves.

In this world, you are,

A god that is gifted with both extraordinary strength and ability to control nature;

A demigod that is gifted only with an extraordinary strength;

Or a human that doesn't have any of these gifts.

Leonide Padine is a human boy that suddenly acquired an ability to control gravity. Thus he is called, The God of Gravity.

His dream of becoming the King of Olympus is suddenly possible.

However, the discrimination of the gods against the demigods is comparable to how demigods discriminated against humans. Leonide faces these discriminations and hopes to change it by proving to them he is strong.

Will he be able to keep his words, "I WILL BECOME THE KING OF OLYMPUS!!!" in the face of this world shaped by powerful beings?
"The God of Gravity part 1: Demigod District" - first of the multiple sequels which revolve on Leonide's struggle in the Demigod Districts.
*Cover art drafted and sketched by the author, and digitally colored by (IG) artjamiee.
Fiction Disclaimer

This is a work of fiction. Any names, events, places, culture, religion, organization, etc., or anything mentioned within the story and how they coincide are entirely products of the author's imagination and shall not represent reality and real-life events.


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationkickass heroinedecisivebxgkickingfemale leadmale leadmythologyweak to strongStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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