The Yellow Eyes of Astalgya

The Yellow Eyes of Astalgya


Jered R. Fantasy

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Kyle found a magic circle exactly one year after his childhood friend disappeared. He was then transported to another world where everyone possesses a unique power source called Maika.
With having a thought that his missing friend could also be in the newly found world, Kyle sets his goal on finding Lance, but Kyle would soon find himself being a target of many different races of that pla because of his Maika.
Adventures await as Kyle searches for Lance, and as he avoids any further conflict with the other inhabitants of the world of Astalgya.


Tags: powerfulno-couplemageanother worldspecial ability70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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Episode 14

By using abilities two: Telekinesis and eight: Conceal, I paralyzed one of the dryads that is standing by the crowd. I also removed his concealing magic, so that his true form would be revealed.

“Do you really think I wouldn’t notice that you quickly escaped and disguised yourself as one of the dryads? If you were thinking you can success……