Eh? So I was Reincarnated?

Eh? So I was Reincarnated?


Ralen Ociraba Fantasy

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A wimpy teenager died after falling accidentally into an under construction sink hole, as he wake up he found himself as an infant and was adopted by one of the Ten Great Spirits in another world.

This is the new journey of Ruelle who has three different sources of origin on his new life.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationpowerfulkickingmale leadmagical worldanother worldsupernaturalweak to strongWriting Academy
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"I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I'm sorry I was..."

A voice echoed inside my head and later on I woke up and realized that it was a dream, I saw Ifrit sleeping on the right and Nocturne at the left side. That voice that I've heard left me some guilt and unpleasing feeling but I was also relieved by its deep tone.

The camp was warmth by……