Crow and Genevieve

Crow and Genevieve


Angelic Productions Romance

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Available March 29th, 2021!
Premieres in three parts!

Genevieve Winslet is allowed one night of freedom before she will commit to one of the men her father has been pestering her with for the better part of her life. But upon this supposed 'safe' outing, she is kidnapped by a ruthless pirate who then places her into the hands of a handsome yet mysterious rival pirate who seems to take to her immediately. She begins to feel like one with this world she is forced to endure all in an attempt to return home. But one thing after another leads her back into Crow's arms, perhaps destiny...or something more sinister..

*This story contains elements that may be sensitive to some viewers that includes sexual assault. .


Tags: kidnapindependentbravedramabxgcaptainpiratemedievalchildhood crushfirst love
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Chapter Eighteen- Truth and Lies

Crow awoke the next morning to find Genevieve absent. Although her scent remained upon her pillow, her body and dressing from the night before had been in absentia. Rising from the sheets, Crow collected his shirt before motioning to the main deck. Upon his exit, his crew began to erupt in applause from having heard the sounds of pleasure coming……