Strange Waters

Strange Waters


Vince Cypher Fantasy

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A young girl embarks on a sail but unfortunately for her it was the period of war for the forces beneath the ocean. The storm wrecks the ship and she survives but finds herself in a strange kingdom, a revolutionary camp where she is forced to help because of her resourcefulness and fights her way to freedom with forces beyond human world with her experience on earth, on land and on water she leads the fantasy warriors to take over the sea and the territory therefore.


Tags: adventureinspirationalbxgfemale leadmagical worldanother worldsuperpowerrebirth/rebornsupernatural
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It was a bit strange for Sandy to have passed the castle down to the first door and out to the lakeside without the guards objecting her or proposing to escort her to wherever she was headed to. But to her surprised they had just let her through without so much hassle and questions only one of the familiar guards that keeps looking at her like s……