The Dragon's Lust: Behind The Bars

The Dragon's Lust: Behind The Bars


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“Chace, that girl over there.” The Dragonlord’s nose twitches in delight.

“You mean the human?” He wrinkles his nose.

“Yes,” he pauses and watches the way she bites her lip and she plays with her handcuffs. “That’s the one.”

“What is she in here for?”

The guard skims through his clipboard. “Drugs it seems.”

“Is that so?” He asks, strumming his thumb across his lip.

“Yes, sir.”

“Send her to my to a private room.” His eyes darkened with lust as he watches her. “I will investigate her alone.”

Framed for the embezzlement of cocaine, they toss Joanna into the strictest prison in the whole interstellar space. Many attempt to make her theirs. Her pheromone alone is enough to drive them wild, but there is one even Joanna cannot deny, the mighty Dragonlord himself, Alderman.


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Right beneath Alderman was the most delicate set of lips parted just so. His inner demon purred in delight when Miss Shomrass grazed her teeth against her bottom lip. Out sprung his cock with tiny drips of pre-cum at the tip. Ideas and thoughts raced through his mind, things he wanted to do to his tempting mate. 

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