Chasing His Luna

Chasing His Luna


selenereese Paranormal

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"I'm tired. Tired of chasing you, is six years isn't enough to stop chasing you?"

She's sixteen when she meets her mate, the Alpha of Blood Forest Pack. Unexpected things happened, she chased him and got rejected. Her Alpha mate abused her both physically and mentally. She did everything so, her mate would accept her but in the process, she is losing herself and end-up surrendering their bond...


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Chapter 12

“Are you willing to participate in the Chasing Game, Alpha?” Xhantem’s Beta asked.

Xhantem was inside his office while the Royal Pack were getting ready to leave their territory. Xhantem had been inside his office for a while now.

He had no choice but to participate even though he doesn’t stand a chance. It is his mate what ……