Legend of Tai

Legend of Tai


Jay Vieson Fantasy

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he starts off as the young master of a small clan,but is later left alone to fight for his survival and rise to power after the great calamity of his caln getting destroyed by a warlord known as The great demon San,he is then set on the path of revenge, but is too weak to do so,he later comes across an encounter which will make a huge change in every step of his life,as he walks down the road to immortality.


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Moon slayer transformation

Amidst all his thoughts,Tai had finally realized what this second challenge was all about,it was a test of ones mental energy,if ones mental energy was weak,he or she will slowly get their consciousness swallowed by the stairs,and become a stranded body with no soul,until they slowly grew old and die from lack of cultivation and nutrition,Tai kn……