Legend of Tai

Legend of Tai


Jay Vieson Fantasy

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he starts off as the young master of a small clan,but is later left alone to fight for his survival and rise to power after the great calamity of his caln getting destroyed by a warlord known as The great demon San,he is then set on the path of revenge, but is too weak to do so,he later comes across an encounter which will make a huge change in every step of his life,as he walks down the road to immortality.


Tags: adventurerevengedominantpowerfulconfidentprinceothershumorousmagical worldanother worldStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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the lightning tribulation was finally over,and Tai was now officially an elemental ascending stage expert,a frown quickly formed on Yhu Zigong's face as he sensed the dangerous aura that Tai was giving off,it felt as if it could eat him up with one sweep and he himself wouldn't even be able to raise a finger,Yhu Zigong didn't dare take Tai light……


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