His Wicked Revenge

His Wicked Revenge


Blackmoon Romance

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Being the daughter of the Viscount, Iris Blackwood receives an invitation to the Season, where all young ladies are expected to dress up as mannequins and find themselves a good husband according to the society norms.

Iris Blackwood is not your typical lady, she is a lover of horses, archery, business and all those which are suitable for men. She is far from being a perfect lady, but her father believes otherwise.

Out of the respect and love for her father, Iris agrees to follow his wishes and find herself a husband.

But, fate has other plans for her and it comes in the form of a notorious and handsome duke, Edward Ainsworth.

Is Iris ready to face his seduction and most importantly can she take his revenge?


Edward Ainsworth hated balls and puffed gowns, but he attends the season to woo Iris Blackwood, the pearl of George Blackwood, the man who he intends to destroy in the worst way possible, by destroying Iris's reputation.

But, he finds himself falling for the enemy's daughter and her fiery attitude.

Will his love be enough to overcome the hatred in his heart?

Or, will he do something that he will regret for his entire life?



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Chapter 10

Trot, trot!

Perched upon his brown stallion, Jeremy Hunter followed Iris’s black mount at a nonchalant pace. His eyebrows danced in amusement and narrowed his eyes on the petite woman’s slender yet graceful back. Layers of dress didn’t mask the sensuous curves of her womanly body from Jeremy’s dissecting eyes: the cur……