Inevitably Mine (Surrender Book 1)

Inevitably Mine (Surrender Book 1)


K.M.Dixon Fantasy

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What happens when fiction becomes your reality?
Well you do what I did and run like hell and hope the large shadow that came out of know doesn’t catch you!
I’m no one special I work a dead end job, live in a less than average area of town, I’m not gorgeous I’m plain I’m no one but for some reason, the large shadow that happens to be a drop dead gorgeous guy built like a giant has his sights set on me, but why?

Her smell is mesmerising, I’m not one to chase my food but from the moment i stepped into that rundown diner the only thing i could think about was her! She smells of lavender and fresh soap as I take a step closer I can hear her blood pumping, the need to take her is overwhelming instead I choose to sit and drink this burnt tasteless thing they call coffee biding my time until closing. The question is will she be my next meal or will I make her mine.

I’m coming little one, are you ready for me?


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Chapter 2

I don’t know what the time is, but I wake up feeling a little on edge, it almost feels like I’m being watched which is crazy because I’m locked in my own apartment so I put it down to being over worked and tired.

I head to the kitchen to make a warm drink to settle my nerves, I’m almost at the kitchen when I swear I see ……