The Enchanted Curse: the wolf/banshee inside me

The Enchanted Curse: the wolf/banshee inside me


cmccullough2008 Suspense/Thriller

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The story is about a young female finding out her parent's death was not an accident. She finds out they didn't tell her about her true identity. Her parents hid who they really were, and that she comes from an extensive line of alpha werewolves and her mother was a banshee. She also learns that she is next in line to run the pack but there is someone that wants that stop. He is called the Alpha and feels he has been doing a wonderful job running the pack thus far. He knows the only way he can continue to rule is by making her his Luna no matter because killing her is not option.


Tags: BEshifterdrama
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Chapter Twenty: Where is she.

Ace seized Jackson by the throat, growling, "What the hell do you mean by 'mark and mate with her'? She is my mate, and no one else has the right to claim her." Jackson struggled to break free from Ace's grip, but the more he fought, the tighter Ace's hold became. Krystal approached from behind, attempting to pry Ace's hand from Jackson's thr……


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