Massacre Mansion

Massacre Mansion


Bleeding_Panda Suspense/Thriller

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Every three years a group of high school students decide to go find the "haunted" house in Armageddon Woods, and every three years all the teenagers turn up dead or missing. Many speculations are made about what exactly happens, but it all remains a mystery until a unique group of teens wanders through. What happens when one of the teenagers catch the eye of what's killing everyone off?


Tags: darksensitivestudenttwistedbxgscaryfemale leadsmall townrealistic earthdisappearance
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Chapter 22- The Real Story

 "No....that isn't possible. I...I was just there. Oh...haha very funny. You fooled me. You can cut the crap now," I told them with humor laced in my words. Attempting to sit up, the woman nearest me pushed me back down.
     "Miss Drem, we can assure you this is no joke. You need to remain laying down in your condition," ……