Annette Renee Owen Fantasy

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This is the story of one young woman who, after fighting to stay in a bad situation, gives up that situation and shows us how brave she can be. Spade comes back to her hometown beaten, broken, and totally alone. She's in need of some serious healing. So after hiding out at her family's for a bit she finally decided it's time to pick herself up dust herself off and move on with her life, after all there's got to be something more out there right. And with that mentality she goes to her best friends house for the weekend. She had no idea this would change her life forever.


Tags: bravedramacomedymysteryboldwittyenemies to loverschubbysassy
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Chapter 46

  I had already finished eating, so I stood from the table to take my bowl over to the sink. But, before I walked off, I made sure to ask if anyone else wanted me to take the dishes for them or if any of them wanted any more. I honestly didn't mind; I was already going that way. Brandon and Spade both wanted a bit more. I scooped the dishes……