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Set in the year 2082, Keiji Duranheim receives precognition after ingesting a new experimental drug called NX7. After a perilous encounter with a casino mob, Keiji must use his new-found powers to free his sister from her debt, otherwise they risk their lives. Twists and turns in events leave Keiji reeling, and he must realize his gift is something to use for good, rather than the opposite.

Join Keiji in this sci-fi adventure that is sure to be thrilling and intellectual.


Tags: spacedramano-couplemysterybrillianthigh-tech worldsuperpowerbrotherssistersStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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***7am, In the Morning***

Keiji groggily woke up from his sleep to 5 new messages on his communicator. All from President Fox. Immediately, he could tell it was an emergency so he dialed Fox. Fox answered and gave Keiji a brief run-down on the situation. They were to inspect and find the crew of a cargo ship, who had mysteriously disappear……