The Vampire Queen's Pet

The Vampire Queen's Pet


Ellen Day Paranormal

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He is the most feared fighter of the underground, a fearless fighter, the undefeated champion of the underground, The strongest of all the fighters. She is the Queen of the Vampires ruling the land beside the evil vampire King, but is she as cold and cruel as they say she is? When the king comes to claim a new pet for his Queen, will Jax escape his fate, or is he destined to spend the rest of his days kept in a golden cage as the Vampire Queen's Pet?


Tags: revengekillerdarkwarriorstraightambitioussoldierrealistic earthrebirth/rebornwarStary Writing Academy II - Adventure NovelsRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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My little brother is far too mature for his age; I smile as I watch him with Bear, the man who I will always think of as a father figure, the same man that has now taken my younger brother under his wings, just as he did with me all those years ago.

I smile as I wonder If I’ll ever get used to saying that—my Little Brother.