The Schorl Stone Trilogy

The Schorl Stone Trilogy


J M O'Hearn others

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In this coming-of-age
Middle Grade fantasy adventure
, young and unsuspecting heroine,

Talitha Hoomkin

, finds herself trapped in a magical kingdom on a knife edge. Soon she is fighting for survival against trolls and boggarts and the snakish

Darkling tribe

, followers of the mighty

Serpent King, Erabus

who spreads darkness and deceit from his lair in the Black Fort hidden deep in the Nether Realms.

But his rebellious daughter

Princess Frae

and the creatures of the Forest of Timor, led by red-tailed

Rata Goldentooth

, are determined to fight their fate. Tallie quickly joins them and discovers how powerful she really is. With the help of the Schorl Stone, a magic pendant left to her by her Gran, she attempts to turns the tables on the forces of darkness and restore peace to the Kingdom of Timor. She must return the Schorl Stone to its rightful keeper, the

Lady of the Loom

, before it is too late.

Will she find the courage within her to trust the Schorl Stone and face her deepest fears?

Will she escape from the clutches of Erabus and reach the Lady of the Loom in time?

Will her newfound friendship with the fiery Princess Frae survive?

Discover with Tallie the secrets of the Schorl Stone and if it really is the talisman that she needs to change her world for the better.

‘The Prophecy of Schorl'
is the first book in
‘The Schorl Stone Trilogy'
- an exciting and action-packed Middle Grade fantasy adventure series. In this first, fast-paced children’s fantasy novel, heroine Talitha Hoomkin discovers the true value of friendship, loyalty, courage and perhaps most importantly self-belief, when she learns to trust in herself, have faith, and follow her heart, whatever the future may bring.

A great read aloud story for bedtime with endearing characters, plenty of exciting cliff-hangers, and lots of challenging vocabulary for more advanced Middle Grade readers.

Perfect for fans of beloved children’s classics such as J R Tolkien’s ‘
The Hobbit’
, C S Lewis’s
‘The Chronicles of Narnia’
and E Nesbit’s
‘Five Children and It’


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34. Coming soon...

Time and space have begun to freeze as the overpowering Light-Force drains life from all it touches. The Upper Realms have already succumbed and there seems no hope. But the ancient Prophecy of Schorl calls on a princess of Hoom to banish fear from the Realms of Light with her great courage and love. Tallie Hoomkin is just such a Hoom. Accompani……


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