Not Playing by the rules

Not Playing by the rules


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Their destiny had been set in stone by their parents in the correct path. But Leon broke his promise and fled only to find his fiancee eleven years later who had only one thing in her mind. To create a new life for herself and take revenge on the man who destroyed her hopes, dreams and family.

But will she be able to take revenge?
Or destiny have another plans for both of them?

This is the story of broken promises, and the woman who never played by rules....


Tags: love-trianglecontract marriagesecond chancearrogantgoodgirlheir/heiresssweetbxg
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Three years later

Leon was pacing up and down outside the corridor of the ward where Athena was admitted at the moment. She had sternly told him that he was not supposed to be inside the room in scrubs under any circumstances. And if she did see him then she would go into a fit, which would not be good for the health of the babe. Le……