IGNATIUS The Colors of Rage

IGNATIUS The Colors of Rage


H.Z. Science Fiction

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*The world is a torturous place for 17 year old Iggy. He is plagued with physical disabilities that seem to have no end and he suffers from regular seizures.
Isolated for his own protection, Iggy only knows his two brothers, Baine and Nansen, and their world within a brick wall, called New Eden. In spite of his overbearing brothers, Iggy sneaks out of his room and goes into the garden during the day, where he comes in contact with a strange woman. Before he can say anything to her, he loses consciousness, and awakens to her biting his face. As his only caregivers, his brothers save him from the woman, but they cannot save him from himself. Iggy is overcome with depression and craves nothing more than to end his own life. But then, a survivor arrives, and changes everything for the worst and the better.*
*After Baine infects Iggy with the virus, Iggy's body becomes perfect in all ways and he is granted unique powers (umbrakinesis). All is great, until Iggy sees the color red and his thirst reflex awakens. It is all a matter of time before Iggy's bloodlust leads the F.U.S military to trace the missing people back to New Eden, and attack to destroy everything that they've created. Especially the infected ones.*


Tags: revengesecond chancefriends to loversbxgillnesssupernaturalspecial abilitydystopianhorrorweak to strongYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter b Lynx

Takeshi stood to his feet obediently and walked up the stairs. “But, Iggy…” Emi started, again. “I won’t stand by and watch someone burn in the sun, ever! That’s savage!” 

Iggy clenched his fists and came before her. “You must go,” he demanded, “without me. You must go with Takeshi and Becca, now. The woman you let go, Aster, she’s mi……


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