Rite of Submission

Rite of Submission


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My life was normal until my 18th birthday, at least as normal as it can be when you're a family of werewolves, living on the edge of pack territory and living mostly among humans. He came in the middle of the night with his pack of thugs to rip me away from the only life I've known, to settle the deal my parents had made for our sanctuary when I was 2 years old.
Now I have to navigate through his twisted kinky games, designed to seduce me into giving up my virginity and become the surrogate to his Luna so that they can have an heir. But the longer I play their games, the more my world unravels, and the less sure I am about who or what I am.

Note: I'm posting as I write, so I haven't edited (there will probably be spelling and grammar mistakes) and this is all raw writing... I don't believe in back reading until I'm done. Sorry if this causes problems. Part of my method involves listening to music to help induce specific emotions while I write, if you are interesting in what song I was listening to for any part, just leave a comment and I will let you know.
Thank you for reading and Thanks in advance for any comments you leave.


Tags: alphaBDSMforcedcursetwistedbisexualwerewolvespackenemies to loverssassy
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