Dark World Activated

Dark World Activated


Tasha Sharma Game

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Ivan Whitman, aged- 23 is an Otaku. Well, except that he has got two friends that have been around him since high school. He is known as “Game Slayer” for his gaming ability; unbeatable records. His friends take bets and the amount is shared equally. The Young boy is so dedicated to the games that he ends up upsetting his girlfriend. Regardless of being rich and beautiful, she likes Ivan enough to neglect this annoying trait.
“Gaming will get you in trouble someday!” She has warned him many times.
He ignored knowing she was too ignorant towards this new field. What would a non-gamer know of the thrill and addiction that games bring?

However, one day everything changed!

Ivan accidentally takes up the challenge from an anonymous game developer of “Dark World”. All he needs is to win the game and get a 50000 USD cash prize.

“Please read the terms and conditions before--” He cut off the system reminder by skipping to next as habituated.

It was too late to realize his mistakes… His overconfidence has pulled him into the ARG of “Dark World”.
While he slept, the reality changed unbeknownst to him.

“Part 2 of the Dark World Activated”.

His eyes snapped open and finds his prioritized friends gone. It takes him a while to understand that his girlfriend is taken away as “SECURITY” or collateral!

“You chose her as the security. End the game and win her back.” Replied the system to a stunned Ivan.
There was no way to get out of this ARG Dark World!


Tags: adventurebisexualkickingbrilliantotakuwittygame playermale leadmultiverseMMORPGStary Writing Academy II - Adventure NovelsStary Writing Academy III
Latest Updated
Chapter 2: Gamer #47

Ivan's POV 

Fisting on the ground, frustrated, I got into my car and slammed on the break.

The GPS blinked at 41st street which was around 7 minutes from here; if things don't complicate that is.

This time, however, I felt low. My eyes were blurred and I dashed around wildly; giving no care of the world.<……


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