The kid who cried blood for every emotion{Blood tears}

The kid who cried blood for every emotion{Blood tears}


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*I desire the moon*said the four-year-old looking up at the night sky.

The kid was given a rock and kid felt and believe the rock was the moon rock. The kid lusted the moon till kid wanted to see the moon close up. Fear and anguish shattered the kid heart. Hated mere mortals to the very core of humanity.

Felt trapped as didn't wish to go anywhere as kid chose and declared the kid itself will expire. A soul who promised to stay had left.

Was disown by their own mother, as kid mother only cares as an act of pity.

The fun prevails, the kid is not a mere mortal.

"What am I?", the kid wonders.

This is the tale of the kid that cries blood for every emotion." Hey moon, I lust you, care to be my lonely shadow" said the child with a smile on it ashen face as tears of blood running down kid cheek.

The child was a child born of lust and...

"Eri", someone spoke
"You came back", the kid replied with a smile.

One thing for sure, this kid smile and cried blood tears for it every emotion.


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