God Apps

God Apps


Ramandha Realistic Urban

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(God Apps) A man named Agni, has a miserable life, untill he got an Aplication on his Smartphone that can make him get almost anything he want! So he use it to find a bag with large amount of money. But it turns out that money was belong to a Mafia, so now Agni must face the most Dangerous situation on his life.
(God Apps : Origin) It tells the story about how 'God Apps' being made, with the involvement of Hackers, Police, and Evil Company, That will bring us to peeling the Big Conspiracy.
(God Apps : Castle of Doom) A unique group consisting of a policeman, a former policeman, a badass lady, and a Hacker, going on a Journey to enter the Castle owned by evil Hacker who want to rule the world with 'God Apps'. Plus There's a lot of trap and dangerous enemy that had been set up along the way to that Castle.


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Chapter 23 : Crazy world

 Adnan get disappointment when he learns that the pile of money he wanted so badly is now gone, because Jiro has donated it to the childrens who are victims of war and childrens who need proper education around the world. Then Adnan, who was successfully paralyzed by Jiro using a stunt gun, finally had to be locked up in the vault room by J……