The Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest


gimrya Fantasy

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As Venom is created by the 'Venomial' power, he is ordered to kill all Halloxian witches and wizards according to the curse that has given to him by Severous, the former king of Monandria. Venom is born to kill all the enemies and is born to protect the forbidden forest of Monandria for those who invade it.

On his journey inside the forbidden forest, his life that is filled with cruelty and power has change when he meet the person that makes him realize the beauty of everything surrounding him. He surrenders his power by the name of love and changes everything even his responsibility given by the curse he has.

But what if the destiny he has chosen is the thing that should never happen? Will he continue to find his destiny or fight the curse that has given him the reason to live? Do love conquers everything? Or it will be the same thing that can kill him slowly inside the forbidden forest?!


Tags: revengeothersdramatragedyhumorousseriousevilwittymagical worldwar
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Clone Power

Ch131: Clone Power

"Take your sleep Dark Sea Lord." Venom uttered as he saw the back of the Dark Sea Lord vanish in the darkness of the sea. When the waves get smaller, the pour of rain pours heavily makes the ground wet immediately. After a moment of pause, he found himself drowned in the thousands of raindrops flowing down his body. H……


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