Luna's Triad Mates

Luna's Triad Mates


chaywrites Paranormal

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In order for Myrr Frost to ascend as the Alpha Luna of Mystic Falls Pack, she needs to find her one true mate and get married first. However, her mate is nowhere to be found. They’ve been looking for years… only to find none. Countless of Mate Visitation from other werewolves in the Monleiete Kingdom and yet, her mate still hasn’t shown himself.
Now, she’s beginning to lose hope. Without a mate, the only way to fully become an Alpha Luna, is that she must marry an Alpha Werewolf that she doesn’t love—and isn’t even her one true mate.
So what happens when she gets married to an Alpha that isn’t her mate—only to find not one… but three mates on the same exact wedding day?
This Luna has a triad for mates!


Tags: alphaHEarranged marriagedominantdramabxgpackenemies to loverspolygamyWho Will Be Her Mates - 2023 Writing Contest to Win $57,900
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Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen:

Some bitter remedies.

Myrr Frost’s Point of View

THE INFIRMARY’S STERILE scent permeated the air.

All four of us laid on respective beds, our bodies weakened by the venom coursing through our veins. Charlie, the pack doctor, moved swiftly, tending to our injuries while explaining the……


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