The Prince of Goara

The Prince of Goara


mrhlndc Fantasy

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The untold story shall be freed and the true one shall rule the world.
Xavier Chrisostomus Lewis-the son of the fourth prince of Goara, a man full of dreams will go to a non-stop battle of life for being a prince.
A battle that takes away lives, sheds blood and welling of tears is the battle he must overcome.
The lives of Goaranians is in his hands. Can he succeed against the king and his emotions?


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Chapter Two

As time passes, the coronation day was getting nearer and nearer.

Everyone was so excited while I was getting anxious with what I feel. 

" Hey, ready to give praises to your new king? "Noeru mockingly said while we were analyzing and trying to solve big problems that Goara might possibly face. This is the last challenge that we ……