Threesome Adventures: A Collection of Short Stories

Threesome Adventures: A Collection of Short Stories


Jack Norton Steamy Stories

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There is nothing more sensual than an adventurous married couple joined by another young woman. These tales of real life romance and FFM seduction will leave you breathless and aching for more.

How much kinky fun can you have when sex is served with a cocktail of rock-n-roll and sleazy danger? Will the ice cold skate date for two, turn into a hot night of fun for three? Some things are best left secret, is this one of those things? Will the girl at the grocery store stay open after hours?

The answers to these important questions can be found in the ménage à trois moments described in this book - each full of intoxicating hedonism and pure lust.

Threesome Adventures is a collection of short stories from critically acclaimed author Jack Norton. Titles included: Trashy Groupie Girl, Threesome Ice Skate Date, Resisting Arrest, Open After Hours, The Secret Threesome.


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