Celestial Vikings

Celestial Vikings


Dele Ojoniyi Science Fiction

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The Crafty One Komezard caused a magic reversal in the Sun, the Earth boils causing a displacement in the crust. Many tremors and earthquakes breaking that brakes the normal scales were reported.
Termination date Dec 24, 2120.
Interstellar government had prepared special crafts to rescue a remnant so that species can be preserved for humankind and the evacuation order is in force for selected ones the reversals will last seven years.
The craft Noah's Ark one to 20
The battle beeen the evil and good crept in silently, displaying Odson as the real rescuer and Crafty One as the real destroyer.


Tags: bravemysteryapocalypsehigh-tech worldfriendshipsuperpowersupernaturalwarweak to strong70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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