His Only Reward

His Only Reward


Chaotic Sunshine Fantasy

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“You can’t do this!“ Jamie shouted, purple eyes blazing. Richard had pinned her against his bedroom wall and his periwinkle blue eyes were staring straight into hers.

“You want this” Richard simply said.

“No I fucking don’t!“ Jamie spat out.

“Really? Why can I smell your arousal?” Richard smirked as she blushed.

“I will scream“ Jamie threatened

“Feel free, as your General I had all my rooms spelled with a noise dampener spell. No one will hear you. Besides don’t worry my Princess, I won’t take you without your permission. But be warned, when I do I am going to fuck you so hard the Gods of both Light and Chaos will hear you scream my name”


Tags: sexfatedbravewitch/wizarddramafemale leadmagical worldcoming of ageprevious incarnationspecial ability
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Here is a sneak preview of the second book: The Chaos Wars!

Chapter 1: Useless

“For chaos’s sake!” Jamie cursed as she banged her head for the millionth time since losing her sight 6 months ago.

“You OK?” Lux said. He was a human hybrid, he shared his soul with a demon called Loki. He stood over 6 feet tall and had a bright whi……