In the Skin of Dragon

In the Skin of Dragon


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As usual, Andrew passed us without even saying hi to his sister and I could not help but turn around to him from behind. His scent was light as fresh air in the forest after the rain. It was an amazing scent of freedom and the promise of a full life but every single time he passed us like this it also left a deep sadness and pain inside my heart from the disregard and not even recognizing that I am here. “Can you stop drooling over my brother? It’s disgusting firstly and secondly he is a sheep.” I heard Kendra’s voice as she was pulling me back to face her.

“But he is a good-looking sheep,” I replied to her dreamily. “Is the only thing you care about what he looks like? Believe me, if his personality was at least half as good as his looks he would be an amazing brother.” I could hear the disapproval in her voice as she was talking and describing her brother.

“Why can't you stand him? Or at least talk to him like normal siblings. I could get closer to him.” I started whining and complaining as Kendra ignored me and pulled me towards our next class. “Stop dreaming about someone like him. He is just a perfect sheep in this broken world and always will be. We are meant for something bigger.” I heard her say before we slipped into the class and took our places. I could not argue with her about this nor did I want to. Deep inside I had the same feeling, believing that there must be something more. Something more meaningful in this life than just serving those arrogant dragons.
Being a human in my world is not something you should be proud of. From the four races we are the weakest ones without any powers or magic. Being born with red blood is more like a curse than a blessing and nothing can change this view of mine, not even my loving mom who did her best to make me accept my fate of being simply a human. I was not born to be a servant. I was not born to be weak.


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