Veridian Shores

Veridian Shores


words_are_weapons Fantasy

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Welcome to Veridian Shores - a world of darkness, glamour, temptation and risk.

And Vampires.

Youngblood Gliss Raynor is from out of town, and she's on a mission. Capper Jackson, problem child of the Glaive Clan, is a local hunter who knows the lie of the land. Between them they hold the means to turn the world upside down for themselves and all their kin.

As their relationship deepens and Gliss's true intentions become clear, both young vampires will have their loyalties tested to breaking point.

With the feuding of the vampire clans threatening to spill bloodily out into the human world, and ancient secrets being revived from their millennia long slumber, they must choose whether they stand with their clans, or with each other...



Tags: darkindependentroyalty/noblebxgmysteryvampiremagical worldcoming of agesupernaturalwild
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Epilogue: Herald of What Was Lost

Brooke stepped off the train, descending back into the familiar bustle of Veridian Shores. Everything felt a faintly numb; unreal. Deceptive feelings of security and comfort wormed back into her mind at the sights, sounds and smells – the warm bustle of the station and the stink of petrol swirling in the air.

She stood for a moment, not……


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