Bear In Me: A Shifter’s Love

Bear In Me: A Shifter’s Love


Maria Black Romance

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Bear shifter Reese Carlton never thought a woman could make him feel this way.

But when the sexy-as-sin Marin walks into his bar, he’s floored.

She’s got curves he could love for days, and eyes that he could fall into.

And lips he could kiss forever…

He learns quickly that the girl is a firecracker, all sultry sass and copper curls.

There’s not a shifter in the world who could tame her… but for him.

She may be a spitfire, but Reese knows she’ll be his spitfire.

Reese knows that she’ll be his mate.

Even if she doesn’t know it yet, she will soon.

His inner bear demands her.

He wants to devour her.

Reese will make Marin his mate.

He’ll mark her.

He’ll claim her.

He’ll make her shut her eyes tight in burning bliss.

And, most of all, he’ll love her.


Bear In Me is a sexy, full-length paranormal shifter romance, featuring an alpha bear shifter who will do anything to make the smart, curvy, and sassy woman he’s fall for his mate for life. This paranormal romance novel ends with a happy ending, no cliffhanger, and contains plumes of hot shifter steam.


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Three months later

“Will you just tell me what’s going on?” Marin fidgeted with the cloth napkin in her lap, looking around the fancy bistro with nervousness.

“Why can’t I just want to take you out to a nice dinner?” Reese teased, that mischievous spark in his eyes.

Marin s……