The Strongest Wizard

The Strongest Wizard


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Wuwuwuwu. Not fair. But it is alright, Ate. I think the MMORPG that you would be playing would go out of taste in a few months. Other MMORPG that hyped themselves, in the beginning, had burst like a laundry soap bubble after that. Hmph, I want to bet with you that your MMORPG would not last more than six months...!"

Zairon harrumphed while we waited for our elevator down at the lobby.
"How wrong you are, kiddo...! This game is going to be played well into the year 2020. I was there and too bad I had no proof to show you." I thought to myself.

Furthermore, I had travelled back in time for no particular reasons, but one thing for sure, I would make things right this time as I prepare myself mentally and physically for this game.

Back then, I was a noobie and had not gotten my hands on those S-Class or even A-Class nutrients. Right now, they do not cost a bomb, but through the mortgage of the scooter, I was able to get my hands on the S-Class nutrients that would give me a headstart on the MMORPG gaming world that I would be registering soon.


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