What It Takes To Be Reincarnated: The Devils Worker

What It Takes To Be Reincarnated: The Devils Worker

serera21 Fantasy

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*I took the offered hand and hesitated a bit at the long black digits he had there. They certainly looked like demon claws. He didn't answer but tead lifted his right hand and using a sharp nail sliced the open air in front of him. There was a ripping noise and then a foul smell.

"The in-beeen is a bit smelly. The rotted spirits accumulate here and it makes a foul smell, it exists beeen all the dimensions." He explained as he pulled the seams of the rip open, it exposed an inky black pit of nothingness.*


* I glanced down and saw many black blobs moving around like maggots on the floor only a few feet below me. I then noticed what looked like a teen girl laying on the ground, the black blobs moving all around her. The inky black substance of this world was rubbing off of them and onto the girl making her look waxy almost. It made my stomach knot. I felt an urge to try and help her, but also an almost tinctual desire to not be touched by the liquid.*

o young girls made a pact: to always be sister spirits, and to always find each other again no matter the obstacles or the length and distance of the separation.
When a sudden accident ends their lives abruptly, they find that the life choices they each made, was going to make keeping this pact a real challenge after 'In death we part.'

Can Rose and Kaia find a way to keep the promise? The afterlife has many odd rules, they will have to travel beeen time, space, and spiritual boundaries to find each other once again.


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