Stubborn Princess

Stubborn Princess


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Calie, is the youngest of the royal siblings. She grew up sheltered and protected by the kingdom, for she possesses a gift, rather dangerous if it falls to the hands of the wrong person.
She wanted to be free and independent. So when she met her human mate, she left her home to be with him. But not everything is a happy ending. Her mate died, leaving her broken with their son.
Years have passed, while on vacation, a handsome young man, an alpha wolf claimed her as his mate. Will she give him a chance? Will she give herself another chance in love? Or this will only bring more heartache? And what if a huge threat arises while on vacation?


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Epilogue 2 of 2

  The next day after Zeke proposed to Calie, they immediately told their families. Elle and Rina volunteered to help prepare the huge wedding, but Calie and Zeke wanted a very small and private wedding, just family and close friends.

  All the royals and the council elders came into River Ash Pack, two days before the wedding. They ……