Defective: A Psychopath's Tale (Complete)

Defective: A Psychopath's Tale (Complete)


Fox Wild Suspense/Thriller

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An amoral killer, raised into life to be an assassin, the best in his field his peers say; a young girl with dark hair and a dark soul tormented by a darkness inside of her.  Unaware of plans set into motion, she becomes his apprentice.  Can a man past his prime and knowing where the road he is currently on ends teach and salvage this disturbed young girl?  For the benefit of society he feels an obligation, for what he had done in his life, to find a way for those that cannot contain the evil within themselves to satisfy the hunger that burns in them and make the world a better place.

First, he must escape his criminal life.  The head of the organized crime family he serves will never let him walk away, the only way Norval Tullis will ever allow him to quit, is to become dead first.  He wants to retire from his life of crime, a normal life, a regular girl.  There will be a body count, there has to be, he’s been plotting this for a decade, longer maybe, then she came back into his life, the basket case.  To escape this history of violence, he’ll need a little help from his friends.

All his planning never encompassed having a partner; things starting on their own ahead of time is something you can’t plan for.  Things aren’t as they seem in many cases, especially when dealing with people whom excel in the arts of smoke and mirrors and keeping the truth and reality hidden.


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Chapter 89


After we stopped by and picked up Sasha’s luggage, I took over driving. I knew where my box of information on myself was hidden and it just made it easier if I drove then trying to give her directions. Plus, I wanted to be behind the wheel, just in case.

It was a good thing the Studebaker was as dirty as it was, covere……